Wine List

White Wine

(Bottle 750ml) (Carafe 500ml) (By the Glass – Medium 175ml – Large 250ml)

Dry & Mellow White House Wine £15.90 (Bottle 750ml) £10.90 (Carafe 500ml) £3.90 – £5.60 (By the Glass)

Retsina PDO, Kourtaki – Greece £15.90 (Bottle 750ml) £10.90 (Carafe 500ml) £3.90 – £5.60 (By the Glass)
Traditional dry white wine with distinctive pine resin aroma. Retsina has been made in Greece for the last 2000 years

Queen of Hearts by Nico Lazaridi – Greece £18.50 (Bottle 750ml)
Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko & Muscat, white fruit & spring flowers aromas

Moshofilero, Golden Legend – Greece £18.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.70 – £6.60 (By the Glass)
A traditional Greek variety, crisp, beautiful floral aromas of roses and violets with hints of spices

Pinot Grigio, Terre Valse – Italy £17.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.50 – £6.00 (By the Glass)
Ripe and textured Pinot Grigio with plenty of refreshing citrus fruit

Rosé Wine

Grenache Rosé – France £18.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.70 – £6.60 (By the Glass)
Dry and crisp rosé with red fruit, raspberry and strawberry notes

Red Wine

Dry & Mellow House Red Wine £15.90 (Bottle 750ml)/£10.90 (Carafe 500ml) £3.90 – £5.60 (By the Glass)

King of Hearts by Nico Lazaridi – Greece £18.50 (Bottle 750ml)
Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, forest fruit & hints of sweet spices

Piroga – Merlot, Syrah, Agiorgitiko £18.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.70 – £6.60 (By the Glass)
Fresh, fruity & supple, soft tannins & balanced acidity

Merlot Ladera Verde – Chile £18.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.70 – £6.60 (By the Glass)
Lovely plummy Merlot fruit with a ripeness that is so typical of Chile

Naousa Grande Reserve PDO – Greece £27 (Bottle 750ml)
Vintage Xinomavro, aromas of red fruit with hints of olives, spices and sun-kissed tomatoes

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco, Sparkling Dry White £24.50 (Bottle 750ml)

Brut Sparkling Rosé £24.50 (Bottle 750ml)

Moschato (seasonal)
Demi Sec sparkling, sweet flavors of peach & orange blossom £9.00 (Bottle 200ml)

Sweet Wine

Mavrodaphne of Patras PDO – Greece £17.50 (Bottle 750ml) £4.50 – £6.00 (By the Glass)
Luscious, fullbodied red sweet wine

Samos Grand Cru Vin Doux Vintage
Samos Muscat white, explosive aromas & well balanced sweet taste £16.50 (Bottle 375ml) £2.50 (50ml)

125ml wine by the glass is also available – Please ask a member of staff


Beer, Ale & Cider

Mythos Greek Lager £3.20/330ml bottle

Mythos Greek Lager £4.50/500ml bottle

ARGO Greek Ale £4.70/330ml bottle
Made in the smallest microbrewery in Greece, bitter finish, caramel, tangerine & orange peel aromas

Chios Black Smoked £4.90/330ml bottle
Roasted & caramel malts combined with beech wood smoked malt. Bottled unfiltered
& unpasteurised in limited quantities

Thatchers Gold Cider £4.80/500ml bottle

Becks Blue (Non Alcoholic) £2.50/275ml bottle

Soft Drinks

Organic Elderflower £2.40

Organic Ginger Beer £2.40

Epsa Greek soft drinks (cloudy lemonade/fizzy orange/sour cherry) £2.20

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade £1.50/half pint

Juice (orange, apple, cranberry) £1.50/half pint

Mineral Water Sparkling or Still
Vikos Mineral water from the Greek mountains of Ipiros £3.00/1lt

Spirits £2.50/25ml

Greek Spirits

Metaxa 5* £3.00/25ml
A unique Greek brandy

Metaxa 7* £3.50/25ml

Ouzo Varvayianni of Lesvos £2.50/25ml
Smooth ouzo made to the traditional Varvayianni family recipe with the use of unique Plomari spring water

Tsipouro £2.50/25ml
Traditional Greek spirit made from grapes of aromatic varieties. Bright with aromas of citrus fruit

Mastiha liqueur £2.50/25ml
Elegant, aromatic & refreshing after dinner digestive, distilled from the Mastiha tree “tears” that grows only at the island of Chios and is known for its therapeutic qualities