Delivery & Take Away Menu

Grilled Pita Bread with olive oil and oregano £0.50

Olives- Ελιές, in olive oil and oregano (V, GF) £2.00

Florinis Peppers – Φλωρίνης
Grilled peppers marinated in extra virgin olive oil & white wine vinegar (V, GF, DF) £3.00
Contains: Sulphites

Feta Ladorigani- Φέτα Λαδορίγανη, with olive oil & oregano, a rather simple, yet £4.00
the most traditional way of serving feta in Greece (V, GF) – Best for sharing.
Contains: Milk

Lightly battered, fried Baby Calamari – Καλαμαράκι τηγανιτό (DF)
Served with Skordalia garlic dip £4.90
Contains: Gluten, Molluscs

Homemade Dips

Tzatziki – Τζατζίκι (V, GF)
Yogurt, garlic and cucumber dip £3.00
Contains: Milk

Taramosalata – Ταραμοσαλάτα (DF)
Bread, potato and cod roe dip £3.00
Contains: Fish, Gluten

Beetroot – Πατζαροσαλάτα (V, GF)
Yogurt & beetroot dip £3.00
Contains: Milk

Tirokafteri – Τυροκαφτερή (V, GF)
Chilli and feta dip £3.00
Contains: Milk

Hummus – Χούμους (V, GF, DF)
Chickpea dip with sesame tahini & a touch of cumin £3.00

From the Grill – Της Ώρας

Grilled Souvlaki, skewers of succulent pork served with pita (Contains: Gluten), homemade chips,
tzatziki (Contains: Milk) & garnish £9.90

Loukanika, (GF), Greek sausages made exclusively for us to our family recipe (by Griffiths our local butcher), served with homemade chips or rice, garnish & beetroot dip (Contains: Milk) £9.90

Paidakia, (GF), Lamb chops on the grill, served with homemade chips, tzatziki dip (Contains: Milk)
& wild oregano £10.90

Gyros – Slow-roasted chicken gyros, served with Greek pita bread, homemade chips and tzatziki dip
GF & DF option available. (Contains: Milk, Gluten) £10.90

Fish & Seafood – Ψαρικά

Calamari, (DF) fried breaded squid rings £8.90
Contains: Gluten, Soya, Molluscs

Maridaki, (DF) crispy fried breaded whitebait £8.90
Contains: Gluten, Fish

Both served with homemade potato chips, skordalia garlic dip (Contains: Gluten) and salad

Salads – Σαλάτες

Greek Salad –Χωριάτικη (V, GF)
Tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, peppers and feta cheese in extra virgin olive oil and wild oregano dressing (Contains: Milk) £5.50

Politiki – Πολίτικη (V, GF, DF)
Cabbage, celery, peppers & carrots marinated overnight in white wine vinegar, honey and extra virgin olive oil dressing (Contains: Celery, Sulphites) £4.50

Ntakos – Ντάκος (V)
Tomatoes, olives, capers & feta cheese on Cretan barley rusk, drizzled with olive oil & herbs
(Contains: Gluten, Milk) £5.50

Extras – Πρόσθετα

Homemade chips £2.00

Rice £2.00

Subject to availability this menu will be offered for:

Take away and delivery orders

Thursday to Saturday 18:00 – 20:30 and Sunday 11:30 – 13:30

All take away and delivery orders are now non contact
You can collect at the door of our restaurant or we will deliver and leave your order at your door

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GF = Gluten Free
DF = Dairy Free
V = Vegetarian