Octopus – Slow cooked octopus in Mavrodapne sweet red wine and honey, served on grilled aubergine (GF, DF)
Contains: Sulphites, Molluscs

Pomegranate Salad – Cabbage, celery, carrot, roast peppers, pomegranate, pine nuts and raisins
in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey & a touch of garlic (GF, V, DF)
Contains: Pine nuts, Sulphites, Celery

Fasolada – A winter, white bean, carrot, onion, celery
and orange soup from the island of Crete (V, GF, DF)
Contains: Celery

Katafiotiko – Local lamb shoulder slow-cooked in red wine, peppers, tomato, potato, onion, herbs
and Kefalotyri hard cheese served with Greek salad or rice (GF )
Contains: Sulphites, Milk


Gyros – Slow-roasted chicken gyros, served with Greek pita bread, homemade chips
and yogurt, tahini & lime dip GF & DF option available.
Contains: Milk, Sesame, Gluten


Cod Plaki – Salted cod baked in tomato, onions, leeks, warming spices, Greek currants
and sultanas, served with homemade chips or rice (GF, DF)
Contains: Fish


Vegetarian Mousakas – Layers of potato, aubergine, mushroom “mince”
and bechamel , served with a small Greek salad (V)
Contains: Milk, Gluten


Gigantes Stifado – Slow cooked Greek butterbeans in red wine, tomato, shallots
and winter spices, served with feta cheesy chips (GF, V)
Contains: Milk. Vegan and dairy free options available

Quince – in red wine, brown sugar & scented geranium leaf, served
on Greek yogurt or icecream(GF, V)
Contains: Sulphites, Milk


Melomakarona – The most popular Christmas dessert in Greece, made with orange, Metaxa brandy
and honey, served with crushed walnuts & cinnamon cream (V)
Contains: Gluten, Nuts

2 courses £25.00
3 courses £31.00

Special Offer: All of this menu will be served as a meze to share for 10+ group bookings @ £31.00pp
(soup not included)

Please always inform our staff of any food allergies before ordering.
GF=gluten free, V=vegetarian, DF=dairy free – Prices include VAT.

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